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Individual pattern cards - (some cards have 1 separate pattern on each side)

  • Peggy Square Blanket - how to knit a peggy square, history of the peggy square.
  • Basic Hat - this pattern uses a basic decrease to form the top of the hat. 7mm needles, knitted double strand. Requires 100g wool
  • Egg Cosy This unique pattern is extremely simple to knit, being made with a series of squares/rectangles. Wool makes the perfect vessel for transporting eggs inside without breakages. Children will love slipping the eggs into their cosy pockets. 4mm needles. Requires 60-70g wool. This particular 'egg yolk' colour in the photo was dyed using barberry bark.
  • Double Drop Stitch Cowl & Double Moss Stitch headband/cowl The cowl is quick and decorative to make as it uses double drop stitch which makes for fast progress. The colour in the photo was achieved using walnut bark (bronze) and Black beans (blue). Requires 50g wool.

The Double Moss Stitch headband/cowl is a highly decorative stitch pattern but some concentration is required to keep it correct. Requires 50g wool.

  • Leg Warmers and Hot Water Bottle cover Leg warmers are back!! These were the height of fashion in the 80's and they're making a comeback. Have fun with colour by incorporating multi-colour stripes, or keep it simple. Requires 100g wool.

Hot Water Bottle Cover - Snuggle up on a cold night with a warm hottie. 7mm needles, knitted double strand. Requires 100g wool.

  • Mittens and Bean Bags The mittens are a simple quick item that kids will just love making and wearing. Requires 50g wool.

These 'Bean' Bags are also simple and quick. The colours in the photo were achieved using red camellia flowers, and muscari (grape hyacinth) flowers. Fill them with dried beans (approx 70g each - available at supermarkets and whole food markets). They are fun to juggle with or play a game of catch, and they look and feel good too. An environmentally friendly toy.

  • Slippers - these awesomely simple and cosy slippers are an oldie but a goodie. 7mm needles, knitted double strand. Requires 100g wool.


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