Natural Dye Kit


Price $9

Explore the world of botanical dying - use leaves, flowers, bark or lichen.  Natural dying is a simple process which involves simmering natural materials in water, simmering the wool in a mordant powder (included in the kit), then combining the wool and the dye.  No special equipment is needed - just access to a stove-top, a pot and a garden or park.  Children will need assistance.   Full colour instructions, foraging guide and mordant powder (enough to dye 100g wool) included in the kit.  Wool is not included.  

NEED EXTRA MORDANT?  This kit includes enough mordant to dye 100g wool.  If you wish to dye more, select the check boxes above.  Alum is the basic mordant required for dying wool, Copper Sulphate and Iron Sulphate are useful for adjusting colours - Copper sulphate takes Yellows to Greens and Iron Sulphate 'deadens' colour, greying and darkening. 


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